Strength Training Vs Bodybuilding – Which One Will Give You the Body You Want?

By Ryan Magin
Author of: 101 Ways To Naturally Increase Your Testosterone

What do you want? How do you want to look? What are you really striving for as you bang out each rep?

In terms of aesthetics and performance, we very quickly narrow things down to the two forms of muscle building that have been proven time and time again in the respective environments.

Myofibrillar, or sarcoplasmic hypertrophy.

The difference? Let me explain.

Myofibrillar training is focused on STRENGTH and getting you to look HARD, DENSE, MEAN and LEAN baby! This type of muscular hypertrophy actually increases the amount of actin and myosin contractile proteins (parts of the “myofibril”, basic rod-like unit of a muscle) in the particular muscles being trained.

Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy on the other hand actually serves you more in getting that “swole”, big and packed slabs of muscle look.

This is because when training for this kind of outcome you’re actually increasing the amount of sarcoplasm in the muscle. Consequently you put on more size in a lesser amount of time, because training the muscles to equip themselves with more sarcoplasm takes far less time than actually constructing new fibers.

So the question is, which one are you really after?

It seems to me that people always have the question as to how you get that hard, rough look you find with people who train for myofibrillar muscle, such as olympic lifters.

However, a quick glance at their training programs will reveal that they’re bodies are more inclined to respond with a sarcoplasmic result. Here’s why.

If you want to minimize the sort of “puffy” look you get with sarcoplasmic training, you’re going to want to be lifting weights that allow only a MAXIMUM of 2-3 reps.

The intensity of these lifts is going to be training your nervous system to better activate the muscle fibers, allowing you to lift more weight.

This as opposed to a typical 8-12 rep range you find in almost all body building programs. The time under tension in these programs allows for greater micro-tearing of the muscles, stimulating them to carry more sarcoplasm and become bigger, faster.

All of this is good if you’re set on aesthetics and aren’t so worried about performance. Keep in mind though, because of the lack of stress on your central nervous system to perform, you won’t be getting strong like the guy lifting 1-3 reps.

It’s not me to say which type of training is better. Personal preference prevails in this given situation.

Myofibrillar hypertrophy is the least understood of the two, however it is typically the one most strived for after an individual has been training for some time.

There comes a point where it’s not just about feeling the pump at the gym, you want to move some serious weight, and have a body that looks amazing with your shirt off.

My suggestion…

You need to access were you are right now.

Have you been lifting for awhile and have already built up a good bit of muscle?

Or are you completely new to lifting weights?

Be honest with yourself in the assessment.

Here is a breakdown for you even more…

Lifter 1 – Already has muscle and wants to be lean and shredded

You should majority your time working in the 2-3 rep range and focus on only heavy weight.

Your lifts should include Bench, Military Press, Weighted Pullups, Dips, and Heavy Dumbbell presses.

Now you will notice I did not say Squats or Deadlifts.

The reason being is to get down to the body fat needed to achieve this dense look you must be doing a lot of cardio.

Your cardio should be including a mixture of High Intensity and slow.

I also recommend that once you are at a size that your a happy with you no longer need squats and deadlifts. They will only keep adding more and more size.

This is the exact approach I follow and I learned it from Rusty Moore In his product Visual Impact Muscle Building.

It is actually phase 3 in the program.

This type of routine will help you slim down and look dense…

Think Ryan Reynolds from the movie Blade.

Lifter 2 – Needs to add about 10-15 lbs of muscle.

You should focus on at minimum of 8 weeks of high rep sarcoplasmic hypertrophy training.

Do All the same lifts as lifter one but add in squats and deadlifts to really build mass.

I suggest no cardio at all during this time.

This type of routine is laid out in phases #1 and #2 in Rusty Moore’s Visual Impact Muscle Building Program.

So be honest with yourself, asses were you are at…

And train accordingly.

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