How To Cure Gynocomastia: 3 Simple Tips To Avoid Man Boobs

By Ryan Magin
Author of: 101 Ways To Naturally Increase Your Testosterone

Alright guys. This topic is touchy and embarassing for most individuals. The fact is though it is extremely common and well diagnosed among a varying demographoic of males.

“Man boobs” (clinically known as ‘Gynecomastia’, or ‘Gyno’) is most common in three crucial stages of development in the human body. Infants, adolescents, and men over the age of 50.

Now there’s a distinct correlation between all three of these time frames. The bottom line is that in each of these three phases your body is undergoing immense hormonal changes, creating a very unstable environment. This is particular in the relationship between androgens (such as testosterone) and estrogen.

To give you some quick background, testosterone is the hormone of MEN.

It is responsible for increasing your muscle mass and bone density, levels of aggression and dominance, the deepness of your voice, hair growth and sex drive to name a few.

Estrogen on the other hand is the hormone of WOMEN. It’s made to lead the way in breast development, increase in fat tissue (particularly around the hips, thighs and breasts), nurturing and motherly behaviours, decelerated height growth and water retention.

Are you running and yelling through the house trying to figure out your daily sources of estrogen yet?

I’m thinking one thing after reading what the predominantly female hormone is capable of…that is one thing I do not want more of than is absolutely necessary.

Because it’s true, man needs estrogen to keep a stable hormonal environment within his endocrine system. But god damn, can you imagine the consequences of you having a heavy estrogen-testosterone imbalance?

I can guarantee you one thing, one side effect. It’s the heading of this article. Man boobs, gynecomastia.

It’s one of the first signs that things are off, and if environmentally induced, you need a serious re-evaluation of your lifestyle.

Lets look than at a few tips you can start incorporating into your day to day, to help put you in a more optimal hormonal balance, and get rid of, or continue to avoid, this pesky gyno issue…


Hell yeah. Bust out the heavy weights.

Pile on the plates and load up bars. We’re getting nasty out here boys, and not only are you gonna have a blast crushing some serious lifting, it’s gonna do something unprecedented for your testosterone production.

High intensity training should be one of your first stops when it comes to dealing with this problem. Lifting heavy things sends a raging stimulus through your body leaving it crying for more androgenic production. Pick that shit up man!


This is a big one. Most people disregard the effect food has on their bodies these days.

Having no problem providing their bodies with a consistent pile of shit, that in all honesty, shouldn’t even be deemed fit for human consumption.

The one point I want to crash in on in this part of the article is organic meats. If you’re buying commercially farmed meats, you’re doing a huge disservice to your homeostasis.

Reason being? Consider this. Cows for example are commonly pumped with something called rBGH, recombinant bovine growth hormone (commercially known as “prosilac”).

Knowing your meat is being filled with synthetic hormones should be enough of a red flag, but consider the side effects.

Cows often become so infected with mastitis from the drug that they start to seep blood and puss into the milk supply…if this is what their excretions are displaying…can you imagine what’s happening to their physiology?

The meat that you consume? This shit is poison. The only study ever done on humans and the effect rBGH has on them was when scientists back in the day gave it to dwarfs with the hopes of making them grow. They didn’t.

We see meat recalls every couple of months and it should be a big concern for you and your family. Especially in the case of gyno, organic meats are the way to go in order to avoid these hormonal threats.

Alcohol also inhibits the livers ability to excrete excess estrogen.

While beer in particular contains something called phytoestrogens, compounds that mimic true estrogen in the body, contirbuting heavily to gynocemastia.

Eating foods that are high in fiber, particularly cruciferous vegetables such as brocolli and kale are going to help your body rid of unneeded estrogen. Eat your veggies!


Medication has got to be one of the leading causes of gynocemastia in men who are not suffering from the condition as a result of normal lifestyle phases.

Medicine is notorious for disrupting your hormonal levels and leaving you in almost worst condition than before you took the damn thing.

What I would suggest, is that for the little things especially (you got a headache, stomach pains, muscle discomfort or soreness) take a holistic approach.

I see it practically everyday in my clientele, family and friends. There’s a problem, hey take this pill.


Lets be sensible. If you got a headache, maybe you’re dehydrated and not taking in enough fluids.

If you’re having constant stomach pains, look at your diet…perhaps your eating something not germane to your metabolic type.

Maybe you’re experiencing an increased sensitivity to gluten?

Keep a food log and write down how you feel after each meal. Pinpoint the problem. If you have unbearable muscle aches and joint soreness, look at your training log…what kind of volume are you laying on your body?

A great place to start with this, after considering the intensity you’ve been loading through your systems, is your focus on mobility and flexibility.

Stretch after workouts, stretch on off days. Get out and play, move with the kids, move by yourself. Just move goddamit.

Stop repeating the same patterns over and over in the gym. Get those joints supple, give your tissue fluidity.

These are foundational points, broad in some sense.

You can easily see how you can branch off these basic points and incorporate the ideas of hormonal balance into other areas of your life.

Gynecomastia is for the large part treatable and furthermore preventable. While it may be embarassing and unsightly, if you’re dealing with this problem, don’t let it depress you.

Your body is just reacting to the environment it is currently in. It’s important to know that the majority of males in this world experience some kind of gyno in their lifetime, and it’s nothing to hold you back from achieving a strong, healthy and good looking body.

Try these things out, and it will most likely resolve. Most important is to not be discouraged. Like anything else, look it in the face, attack it.

Just an FYI…

(By focusing on increasing your testosterone levels you will naturally get rid of your manboobs)

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