Look I can tell you from years of trial and error that just aimlessly adding size is not the right answer.

You have to focus specific attention to building a wide back and round shoulders.

If these 2 muscle groups are lagging then you will still appear squared off and blocky no matter what.

Just take a look at the pic to the right and you will see a near perfect v-taper…

Now even though the 2 key muscle groups to getting a good V-taper are the Back and Shoulders…

I like to bring up a few other muscle groups at the same time.

Just to keep things in proportion I really like to pay specific attention to the upper chest and arms as well.

The combination of all these muscle groups equally developed give you the commanding aesthetically pleasing physique.

By having a physique that is more proportional you will Get more respect from your friends, look more attractive to women, and generally feel really good about yourself.

Trust me on this…

If you Focus on your Aesthetics you will be rewarded with a huge increase in your confidence.

This confidence will carry over to multiple aspects of your life.

  • Get the one and only body weight program designed to enhance your aesthetics and help you get that killer v-taper…
  • learn which body weight exercises are best for the physique minded body weight trainee…
  • Discover A pullup variation that will add slabs of mass to your upper chest and biceps that was discovered on the playgrounds of the Bronx…
  • Build rock solid functional strength that commands respect…
  • And much, much, more..

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All Your Questions Answered?

Q: What Is Body Weight Aesthetics and why was it created?

A: I created this 4 week program to have a break from my regular gym workouts yet still keep the focus on my goal of developing an aesthetically pleasing physique.

Q: What separates Body Weight Aesthetics from other body weight programs?

A: As far as I know it is the first body weight only program of it’s kind designed to solely make you look more aesthetic.

Q: Once I order body weight aesthetics how long will it take before I get it?

A: Body Weight Aesthetics is a digitally delivered product, meaning minutes after your complete the order form you will be given complete access to the entire course.

Q: What kind of equipment will I need access to?

A: All you need is access to a pull up bar, a dip station, and some open floor space.

Q: I have been lifting weights for several years will this program still work for me?

A:Yes…This is a very challenging 4 week program and will be an awesome addition to your yearly workout plan.

Q: I like training with weights, is there anyway to incorporate Body weight Aesthetics with weight training workouts?

A: I would say for the duration of this 4 week program to just focus on the workouts I have laid out for you.

Q: What happens if Body Weight Aesthetics doesn’t work for me?

A: If you don’t like the program or the results and you gave it a good honest shot I will gladly refund you the entire cost of the program… I will also let you keep the course – No questions asked

P.S. If you are still have questions, please contact me at bmxstrong (at) gmail.com and I will get back to you ASAP!