Ancient Chinese Herb Shown To Increase Test Levels Up To 45%

By Ryan Magin
Author – 101 Ways To Naturally Increase Your Testosterone

Some days you just feel down. Some days worse than that, some days you don’t want to get up, you can’t hit the deadlines. SOME DAYS, you get SO DAMN CLOSE to your breaking point that you aren’t even sure what your next step will be.

The energy is zapped. You’ve been working long hours, maybe the old lady’s been harpin’ on you for some time, and as always you’ve been crushing some nasty workouts at the local training grounds. All this leaves little time for sound nutrition, adding yet another factor of stress and dysfunction to your hectic lifestyle.

To find some sort of balance and serenity, it proves very helpful to have some daily RITUALS that you will always do, NO MATTER WHAT.

If you study some of the successful leaders in the field of personal development (we’re talking Brian Tracy, Wayne Dyer, the big man Tony Robbins and people of the sort) they will often refer to a practice similar to what I’ve described above. Having this solidity injected into your everyday doings will give you a strong sense of foundational support, something you can rely on yourself to achieve each and every day.

So as you can imagine, this can be applied to almost every area of your life…where the hell do you start? “What do I do?!” you plea.

Let me shell out an interesting one for ya.


You know, that nasty looking root all intertwined in its own being, looking for some love off to the side at the local farmers market or grocery store. What many people don’t know is the amazing health benefits locked up in the dangling limbs of this pale eat.

Supplementing your daily diet with a ginseng pill, syrup or most traditionally, a homemade tea from the raw root itself…is going to aid you in a  number of crucial areas.

Ginseng is widely considered a powerful adaptogen, meaning a natural herb product that proposes to increase the body’s resistance to stress. It does this in a variety of ways.

Boosts in cognitive awareness, lowering of cholesterol, increased resistance in your immune system, better digestion of food, more energy, reduced fatigue and an overall sense of wellbeing and stamina. The active substances contained in the root, called ginsenosides or panaxosides, are thought to be the reason for such medicinal qualities.

Just from the facts above, you can already tell what a powerful addition to your diet ginseng could prove to be. The reason I’ve dialed in on this one particular food, is because it delivers a heavy hit in a compact package, the perfect formula for what should be the criteria when finding something to make a daily ritual of.

There’s more…

Aphrodisiacs are foods that stimulate or increase sexual desire. Guess what funny lookin’ root falls into that category? You got it, bang on (no pun intended). Ginseng is a great natural way to increase libido, and even aids in the resolution of erectile dysfunction! Ginseng ups the output of nitric oxide in the male organs.

Nitric oxide in abundance can improve circulation and lead to more frequent erections…can’t really argue with that one.

Along with the fighting action against ED, you’re looking at lower blood glucose levels, lower blood pressure, and a combatant for hepatitis C.

I think by now you get the point, this is a very useful tool to have in your dietary arsenal. Looking at all its qualities, I’d say it’s one of the best foods you could supplement on a day to day basis.

Making this a staple for your schedule will always ensure you reap some benefits of sound nutrition. If you choose to drink a ginseng tea every morning, you’re automatically starting the day off with a good choice.

Even if you didn’t sleep much or well enough, you stay somewhat on track with your health because you have your daily ritual that you are going to do, no matter what!

This inevitably snowballs into other areas of wellness. It promotes a healthy lifestyle in general, and you are more inclined to make good choices.

How does this relate though to your training, building muscle and increasing testosterone?

Acquiring the above benefits of this root is going to put you in a very OPTIMAL STATE for getting bigger and getting stronger.

The jump in energy is going to enable you to bang out reps with power each and every workout. As well, ginsengs amazing ability as an adaptogen (something that increases the body’s resistance to stress) is going to help you keep your hormones in check. Lower stress levels leaves more room for your anabolic hormones, like testosterone, to come into action and show your body what it can really do.

Something I didn’t yet mention is that ginseng has been noted to provide anti-inflammatory profits to those who supplement it regularly. Now we’re talking less muscle and joint pain, more mobility and more freedom to get up, move and attack the day like never before.

Maybe talking about ginseng and other, seemingly foreign, opportunities for alpha status leave you feeling a little uncomfortable, like this is some hippy bullshit we are spitting over here.

Various approaches need to be considered though. You cannot keep growing, learning, building, succeeding with one mindset and in one particular field if you don’t branch out and learn from others and their methods.

Give this a shot. The earthy root taste is enough to get you going early in the morning, you may be surprised as to how well your body reacts.

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