Alcohol And Testosterone – Can You Drink And Still Get The Body You Want?

By Ryan Magin
Author of: 101 Ways To Naturally Increase Your Testosterone

It’s Friday night, work is done and it’s go time baby. Time to head out to the club with your boys, flex your hard earned gains out on the dance floor, and pump shots like there’s no tomorrow.

Wait a second though. I’ve been working my ass off to get this physique that every colleague, friend and passerby has the time to take a flaunt at.

Is it worth going out? Maybe I should stay in…after all, it’s a known fact that excessive alcohol consumption can have a debilitating effect on my testosterone levels.

If my T is in the shits, how am I going to keep progressing, keep growing bigger and stronger in the gym and in life? Fuck it. Tell the guys I’m busy…these are my priorities, and this is what has to get done.

Alright, lets slow down a second.

It’s not uncommon for individuals becoming more and more involved in their quality of health and lifestyle to at one point or another be faced with a conflict such as the one above.

Instead of doing what the old you would do, the new version of yourself starts calculating out every innefficiency and debilitating factor of the situation. While this is valuable in a sense, if it becomes too neurotic for your own good, you’re in for some disappointment.

So let’s look at the facts here. Alcohol isn’t the greatest thing in the world for you (given). It comes in at a whopping 7 calories per gram, and has the potential to deal out some serious health problems. Not to mention be the catalyst to you making some bonehead, regrettable decisions (particularly with women…we’ve all been there).

Some of the more serious realities we’re looking at with excessive consumption of alcohol over a prolonged period are:

– Pancreatitis
– Liver Disease
– Heart Attack
– Stroke
– Dementia
– Cognitive Failure
– Cardiomyopathy (leading to congestive heart failure)
– Insomnia

To name a few…

Relating back to your muscle building hormone levels (such as testosterone), alcohol is proposed to have a more acute effect on such intricacies.

It’s been noted in some studies that having an average of 3 drinks per night can lower your testosterone levels by almost 7% in less than a week. This is where a lot of people lose their shit and figure in the grand scheme of things, 7% is going to be a game changer.

Not true. Why? Consider this.

Using other lifestyle tips such as getting enough sleep, training at high intensity etc. etc. can serve your body to produce up to…ready? 300% more testosterone than currently being outputted in your theoretically in the dumps lifestyle habits.

So 7% is but a fly on the wall, ONLY IF however you are maximizing and kicking ass in other crucial areas of your life.

One other way people try to justify their arguments on alcohol is that it forms fat around the midsection when taken in adequate amounts.

Fat around the midsection equals more estrogen production, therefore creating an imbalance in relation to testosterone, minimizing muscle growth and manlihood.

Upon research though, some interesting points rose to the surface.

It’s actually not the alcohol per say that is increasing your amount of adipose tissue (fat). The liver is actually fairly bad at converting it into fatty acids for storage. It instead prefers to use it as fuel for the body.

Alcohol actually has a tendency to metabolize quite quickly in the liver for this purpose. If you’ve ever read the book “Born To Run” by Christopher McDougall, you’ll know that the Tarahumara (tribe of ultra runners in central Mexico) would often use corn beer as homemade, pre-race nutrition. Interesting that the people who run the longest distances of anyone in the world would spend the night before getting wasted on homemade beer.

Now, am I telling you to go out and try to replicate the ways of the Tarahumara? No. It goes beyond the above comparison. Never the less though, if you’re drinking red wine, whiskey, scotch, vodka, tequila, rum or gin than you’re pretty much only ingesting calories from ALCOHOL in those drinks.

Where things get messy is when you order drinks loaded with sugar (spiking your insulin, also known as the fat-storing hormone), and when you eat garbage processed foods along with your drink.

The environment of the bar facilitates this heavily, with nothing to order but the shit they try to pass off as real food. These two things are the major factors in producing fat while drinking, keep them in mind and they’re easily avoidable.

The main thing I want you to take away from these facts on alcohol is that, having a drink is not the end of the world.

Shit isn’t that serious. If it is that serious in your world, you’re missing out.

Because the balls you have to keep turning down your friends and neglecting the social aspect of your life is going to leave you in the end with nobody.

People get tired of hearing you don’t want to hang out, you can’t drink, you can’t eat this and you can’t eat that. Believe me, I’ve been there. Stressing about wanting to do the “right thing” all the time is going to negatively effect you more than if you actually went out for cheesecake or took up on that party invitation.

There’s more to you than hitting macros and being a goody two shoes all the time. Show the people you love some attention and be a little irresponsible once in awhile.

You’re test levels will be fine. Stick to your plans in nutrition and lifestyle, but when it’s time to let go at your mate’s bachelor party, celebrate a co-workers promotion, or cut the cords at Jimmy’s fucking bar mitzvah it doesn’t matter.

You gotta live outside of “optimal health” on some occasions, because actually in the end, those moments contribute to the true reach of human potential.

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