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3 Things Secretly Killing Your Testosterone
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#1) 3 Things Secretly Lowering Your Testosterone – pid=301 (highest converting)

#2) #1 Thing Secretly Lowering Your Testosterone – pid=302

#3) [Warning] Your Whey Protein Is Killing Your Manhood – pid=303

#4) 3 Things Killing Your Erections (Beware!) – pid=304 (This works really well if you have an older demographic of men on your list.

#5) The Truth About Low Fat Diets – pid=305

#6) #1 Type Of Cardio To Boost Testosterone – pid=307 (2nd highest converting)

#7) Human Growth Hormone (HGH) And Why It’s Important To You – pid=309

#8) #1 Exercise To Boost Low Testosterone (Start Doing This Today!) – pid =310

#9) Sleep And How It Affects Your Testosterone – pid=311

#10) How To Cure Manboobs – pid=312

#11) Fiber – An Overlooked Secret To Fat Loss – pid=313

#12) Alcohol And Testosterone – Can You Drink And still Get The Body You Want? – pid=314

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