These 3 Testosterone Killers Are Secretly Robbing You Of Your Manhood (Beware!)

Are you unknowingly ingesting these 3 things that are destroying your testosterone levels? The things listed below are ridden with toxic chemicals that will do nothing more then strip you of your manhood. Avoid these things and instantly enjoy higher levels of testosterone…

By Ryan Magin
Author of: 101 Ways To Naturally Increase Your Testosterone

Studies have shown 1 in 5 males are currently experiencing Erectile disfunction, lack of energy, Manboobs, and high levels of abdominal fat directly related to low testosterone.

This is unacceptable…

Research is pouring in from laboratories that can change the health and vitality of men for years to come. Fact is, our society is flawed, the pharmaceutical companies are out to make us all sick, sad, fat, and depressed. By avoiding these 3 testosterone killers listed below, you are fighting back against the man and regaining your health.

Click Here To Increase Your TestosteroneTestosterone Killer #1 – Modern Day Medicines

You would think that these big companies have your best interest at heart? Truth is most modern day drugs are actually wreaking havoc on our hormones.

By nature medicines are suppose to help us, you would assume that they are being tested for the basic effects they have on your cardiovascular system, hormones, and brain functions…

This is not the case.

So you may be asking what exactly is the tens of millions spent for research each year accomplishing? Good question…

The medicines below have been shown to cause high levels of damage and some have even caused death.

1) Antidepressants. These which are easier to get then Tylenol have shown to be relationship killers. Studies have shown they lead to low levels of libido and erectile dysfunction.

(Side note: Low Libido is currently the #1 reason for spouses cheating! <== Click Here To Avoid This)

Also they are linked to weight gain, which is a top cause of low levels of testosterone due to increased visceral abdominal fat.

Some would argue they do stop depression, but what good is being happy if your fat and can’t get it up?

2) NSAIDs. Be cautious of things like ibuprofen, Motrin, and Advil studies have linked these with a decrease in Nitric Oxide Output, which is terrible if you currently have or battle erectile dysfunction.

If you are popping these things like candy studies have shown they have more then doubled the rates of erectile dysfunction compared to non users.

Some other side effects of these are ulcers, inflammation, and gastrointestinal issues.

I suggest you do your best to avoid these at all costs as they are wreaking havoc on your hormones.

Click Here To Increase Your TestosteroneTestosterone Killer #2 – Air Fresheners

Yup you read that correct. Think of air fresheners as a legal bio chemical weapon that will strip your testosterone levels.

These fancy smelling concoctions which are designed to make your environment seem warm and cozy are putting you at a massive risk.

The concern with air fresheners and your health comes from the (Volotile Oil Compounds) and terpenes that react with the ozone in your home air.

Studies have shown links to VOC’s such as benzene, which is commonly found in house hold cleaners has been shown to damage and lower sperm count as well as linked to cancer.

Obviously this list could go on and on as scientist have yet to out wrap there head around dosage and exposure levels but it is safe to say these things are no good for you or your loved ones.

Click Here To Increase Your TestosteroneTestosterone Killer #3 – Pesticides In Food

look I am gonna be straight with you.

Foods you think are healthy and good for you are not. In todays world fruits and vegetables are covered in a libido sucking pesticides.

These pesticides which are commonly used to help your precious fruits and vegetables travel to the grocery without going bad are slowly but surely killing your manhood.

Heck the most dangerous fruit you can ingest is the good old Apple. this bad boy is loaded up with up to 9 different pesticides to keep it looking bright and shiny. Other notably chemical ridden items are celery, spinach, peaches, and strawberries.

As a rule of thumb, unless the produce has a thick impermiable skin, assume it is loaded with toxic testosterone sucking chemicals.

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