10 Controversial Ways To Increase Self Confidence Your Therapists Forgot To Tell You About…

By Ryan Magin
Author of: 101 Ways To Naturally Increase Your Testosterone & The GQ Body

Self-confidence is going to be a very intricate part of whether you succeed, or fail in any of your own particular undertakings.

What many people don’t realize is that how you feel about yourself plays a crucial role in your presentation to others.

Humans are very intuitive beings and if someone senses lack of hold in a person’s character, it tends to be a huge turnoff and turn away from inquiry.

It only makes sense than that we always strive to see ourselves in the brightest of lights and be proud of the amazing beings that each and every one of us are.

In all truth, there are no excuses on the topic. You have a choice to be happy with the person you are and the way you do things, and simultaneously the choice to do the exact opposite.

No matter if you’re rich or poor, depressed or enlightened, fat or skinny, male or female.

You always have the choice.

And when the choice gets tough, consider these tips to increasing your self-confidence, and making the choice to be the best you can be that much easier.

Beautiful Businesswoman with Laptop1. WALK WITH PURPOSE: This is something you can start doing immediately! Walk with a goddamn purpose! Don’t slug around, lilydaddlin’ about the office, street, bar or grocery store.

Confident people are on the move, they got things to do and they’re always making a difference.

Walk with this suchness, DO EVERYTHING with this suchness.

When people are looking, you’re portraying value and status to society. When people aren’t, you’re reasserting what you know to be a strong, confident self.

2. TAKE RISKS: Maybe not as obvious as some would guess. The only reason being that people are so scared of discomfort, they completely disregard the value in TAKING RISKS.

Every time you conquer a fear and do something you didn’t think you could do, confidence goes through the roof.

It’s a never ending list that keeps adding value to you as a human being. If you’re afraid of talking to women, talk to them. If you can’t run, start running.

If you can’t afford a vacation, take a vacation. Oxymoron? I suppose. Think critically about the statements though. What kind of person could you become, by becoming the person you never thought possible?

3. DATE WOMEN: Oh yes. If you’re a man, you need a woman. I’m not talking about the girl in high school who led you on through college and then cheated on your sorry ass over spring break.

Stop holding onto those things, that’s one SURE way to LOWERING your self-confidence. Date, and date often.

What is with guys these days asking out girls over facebook? Sending a text message to get to know someone? Be a man and talk face to face.

Go out and enjoy company with the opposite sex. Honestly, this one above all is going to give you the biggest sense of self certainty and brashness.

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4. COMPLIMENT OTHERS: Putting other people down to feel better about yourself is total bullshit. You’re a better man than that.

Complimenting people in just their everyday being is one of the most uplifting experiences not just for your recipient, but also you.

It is so easy to put someone down over some inordinate flaw you so graciously banter about.

At the end of the day it takes a lot more courage, heart and guts to appreciate someone for who they are from a sentiment of honesty and love.

Each of us are so special in who we are and what we do. Study people, be truthful, and find all the things that make us beautiful.

5. DRESS SHARPLY: You know it brutha! When you look good, you FEEL good. Walking around in sweats and a hoody is going to make you feel exactly how you look…like a sorry ass lazy mother fucker. Tidy up.

Throw on some nice jeans and a tailored shirt. Get A fresh haircut and put on some cologne.

Have you ever met a famous person? Gone to see a concert, and saw ol’ Tim McGraw up on stage? Did he look like shit? No. He had on his boots, his jeans and a fresh cut shirt after every set.

Important, confident people always look the part.

designer_planner_2306. FILL YOUR SCHEDULE: When you start getting things done, you feel accomplished. When you have stuff to do, you feel important.

Make a schedule. Buy a notebook to reference, a day planner if you will. Download an app, I really don’t care. Just get a schedule and fill it UP.

If you got spare time, find something productive to do. You’ve relaxed enough and you don’t always need your afternoon nap. Educate your mind, catch up with a friend, make appointments, prepare food etc.

7. EXERCISE: Training your body and building it up will give you a tremendous sense of accomplishment.

Why are people so crazy about training and getting in shape? Why is there now a CrossFit gym in every city around the world?

Because people are doing something! Taking charge of their health! What could be more important?

And what, please tell me, is more satisfactory than looking in the mirror and seeing your muscles defined for the first time in your life?

Deadlifting 500lbs? Losing 20% body fat and lowering your blood pressure back to normal?

There is a great quote that reads:

“No citizen has a right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training…what a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.” – Socrates

8. GRATITUDE: How often do we beat ourselves up and take for granted the amazing things at which we are all capable of? If you take time to reflect on such gifts, the sense of accomplishment, being and belonging to something greater will surely raise your spirits to heights otherwise unimaginable.

Reason being? Our society is so geared towards SUCCESS, ACHIEVEMENT, NEVER STOP, GO GO GO! Step back. Look at all you are. The fact is nobody could go on in their day to day without you and all your doings in this world. Sounds silly to some…think about it.

9. GOOD POSTURE: People-have-terrible-POSTURE! It looks so unprofessional, absolute poison to our physicality and just overall exudes exhaustion, idleness and negligence.

Very pivotal cues looked sorely upon by people of strength, boldness and character. Sit up straight, and toughen up. BE a person who would, and does, sit upright with attentiveness and purpose.

10. EXPRESS YOUR OPINION: One way to seriously hamper your self-confidence is to never share what you have to say.

This causes an inner conflict that can only be resolved through expression. Be CONFIDENT in your words and it’ll consequently result in confidence of the self.

You have ideas, I know you do! Everybody does. Get into discussion, and don’t be afraid to speak UP. If people laugh at you, sneer, walk away…who cares? Keep going.

You need not base yourself on anyone’s expectations.

Keep this in mind. While these tips will surely help you to manifest in a society a confident mold of yourself, the first and foremost important person in this equation is you.

YOU need to be confident to better carry out your goals, dreams and aspirations.

This enables you to become an even more valuable part of the world, something that is truly irreplaceable.

Give this advice some consideration, the only reason we can share it with you is because our own experiences have bared powerful success.

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