Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

comfort-zoneWhats up,

I was talking to a friend last night…

The topic was comfort zones.

Maybe you are familiar with them?

I personally always like to break away from mine as much as possible.

You see personal growth comes from stepping out and experiencing/learning new things.

For me Achieving the GQ body was a huge step outside my comfort zone.

I have done nothing but lifted for pure strength for the last 6 or so years.

I defined myself with being big and strong.

So naturally the process of losing 50lbs was a huge breakaway from my comfort zone.

Its things like this that will ultimately make you a better more evolved person.

If it weren’t for me striving for the GQ Body I never would have gotten into mens fashion.

I never would have known how much confidence clothes can give you.

This is the power of stepping outside my comfort zone.

And for me it all started with getting as lean as possible.

I want you to experience all the awesomeness getting the GQ body can bring you.

So if you are ready to change your life for better..

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Talk Soon,


Ryan Magin

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