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tumblr_mu295hjj8l1rb88tdo1_500What’s up,

I just sat down here at Panera Bread.

I really like to write my emails to you guys from here as I feel the coffee and ambient music really makes my emails flow a lot better for you.

I also really like the scenery that comes thru the coffee shop/bakery.

By scenery I mean Women.


I am a guy.

And I like looking at attractive women.

I am a sucker for those that actually appear like they lift weights as well.

But truth is looking and appreciating their beauty is one thing.

Actually walking up and talking to them…that is a whole new ball game.

Most of my life going thru high school and college I would actually say I was terrible at picking up women.

Most of the time I flew right past potential hookup and went into friend zone.

I am sure some of you guys reading this know what “The friend zone” is…

Its a bad place to be if you actually like a girl and want to maybe date her.

Sure you can lift weights…

Get really lean and pack on lots of muscle…

But if you do not know how to build attraction you are doomed.

Say good bye to potential hookups, casual dating…

And worst of all…

No girlfriend.

Lucky for you I have a cool little technique you can start using today to help you win over the ladies better…

You can watch the video and FREE tip here <==

The video is from my longtime friend and professional dating coach Jason Capitol.

And he is by far one of the leading experts in helping guys like you have higher levels of confidence and become quite good with talking to the ladies.

So check out the free video and give the tip a try…

Its called framing and it is very powerful.

Use it carefully and not in a manipulative fashion.

(Manipulation is kinda douchy and no one likes that. )

Talk Soon,


Ryan Magin

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