[Free Bonus PDF] Do You Lack Strength Endurance

What’s up..

I hope you got a chance to check out my Bench For Reps
test i sent you earlier…

I wanted to see wear I stood according to the chart ==> here

Truth is for my tender age of 29 I fall into the good category.

I am not happy with just “Being Good”…

That makes me pissed.

It was clear during my test I need to work on my strength endurance

This makes sense as I have spent the last 10 years working
on becoming strong.

So while I don’t really care to bench my bodyweight for a ton
of reps.

It did bring out a huge weak point in my training.

So I wi be implementing the Bench For Reps principles into
my training.

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I also wanted to hook you guys up…

If you purchase the Bench For Reps program thru my
emails I am throwing in a cool bonus.

I have come up with a short 3 day a week 4 week long
program that you can follow to do 100 consecutive pushups.

So if you lack strength endurance…

The bench For Reps program, and my Push Up Challenge
will help you blast thru to new gains in size and strength.

Wanna know how?

The term strength endurance means higher reps…

This equates to more volume…

More Volume means bigger muscles :)

Sound awesome?

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Talk Soon,


p.s. for those that have already purchased I will be sending out
the info about how to download the bonus shortly, stay tuned.

Ryan Magin

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