Franco Columbu Training Secrets

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I was doing some late night reading about one of my favorite
Body Builders Franco Columbu.

I really like Franco.

Not only was strong as hell but he was also one of the most
aesthetic bodybuilders of his area.

Heck it was showing his deadliest workout began at..

400 x 5
500 x 5
650 x 1
700 x 1

That is pure beast mode.

But not only do I admire his strength.

His aesthetics were awesome.

He had an awesome physique that was built with years of
hard work.

In one Article I read Franco would train 2 body parts a day for
14 days.

It is a pretty intense 6 day a week program.

Clearly this type of routine is not for everyone, but this just
shows you what type of volume you can achieve with
years of training under your belt.

Franco is the epitome of what we call a power bodybuilder.

If you a fan of any other old school body builders feel free
to reply so I can check out there training.

I love this stuff.

Talk Soon,


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