Formula For Badassery

badasstumblr_inline_mmhulyJoRk1qz4rgpWhat’s up,

I wanted to cram a little Tuesday motivation down your throat.

Are you attacking today an making yourself a little more awesome?

If not u need to be.

I mean seriously…

Its time you stepped up.

You are not an average guy.

You are a badass in progress.

See the difference there?

It doesn’t matter were you are at right now…

That is just a starting point.

Everyday is constant improvement.

I mean hell a little over a year ago I was a completely different person then I am today.

==> Check the reference here :)

So what are you gonna do today to become better?

Here is my schedule feel free to model it:

Right now – Write a motivating email to my loyal friends and followers (you)

Shortly after – down a high quality protein shake mixed with spinach, fiber, almond milk, mixed berries, and a banana.

After that – study and read up on my favorite mens fashion blogs, finish a book I started last week, and plan out my emails for the next few days to ya.

3 hours from now – hit the gym for my workout. I am doing workout B from The GQ Body.

Immediately after my workout I will hit my Walk Your Way Ripped Cardio session.

after my workout I will eat a high quality dinner making sure I hit my marco nutrient ratios for the rest of the day.

After this my schedule is pretty flexible.

I may read some more, watch some training videos on youtube…

But just know that I will be making myself better.

And everyday you should be too.

So start hustling.

Have a kick ass day,


Ryan Magin

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