Fight Off Muscle Sucking Toxins

What’s up,

Man I gotta say getting outta bed this morning was a little rough :).

I had a late night partying and bringing in the new year…

All I can say is that the Taxi Cab industry was booming last night.

Took me and my friends what seemed like hours to flag one down
to get home.

Either way…

Although I indulged my face off yesterday today starts another day.

Notice I said another day?

Like I preach I am not big on resolutions as I believe everyday we start

So if you aren’t happy with your current circumstances you can start
changing immediately.

With that said…

I know a lot of you guys are gonna hit the gym today with a little
more pep in your step.

(Just be sure to avoid the resolution people. they will be gone in
a month :)

Truth is though even I am psyched up to start the year fresh.

I sat down yesterday and laid out my training routine for the next 4
weeks and pretty psyched to see it thru.

Now although I got my training on point I want to make sure I get
every ounce of results from efforts.

I am a huge believer in eating a diet solely based off of whole foods.

So I will be basing my diet off the old bodybuilding staples…

Chicken, steak, sweet potatoes, brown rice, vegetables…

Truth is though even that is not enough anymore…

The food we trust to help us live healthy lifestyles is actually full
of chemicals and toxins.

It sux…You can’t even trust Organic anymore.

So ask yourself this…

“What are these toxins doing to my body?”

I almost hate to think about but the shit that is in our food today is
responsible for a lot of sick, sad, and depressed people.

It comes from years of toxic buildup and it is causing common things

Bloated and fat people…


Heart Disease…

Accelerated aging…

And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

It is time you fight back against the muscle sucking toxins…

One thing I will be implementing into my yearly program is a couple
14 day cleanses.

These will be done to rid my body of the nasty toxins.

Now I am not talking about those hollywood juice cleanses or bogus
pills you see at the local Walgreens…

I am talking a true real food cleanse.

The one I will be implementing is by a well known nutritionist
Yuri Elkaim.

Yuri is the leading authority on how to implement a real food
14 day cleanse…

So if you want to set up your body for months of gains in the gym
I highly suggest you buckle down for 14 days and give this a try.

==> Fight off the Muscle Sucking toxins

It truly is the best way to prime your body for muscle growth

After all…

We work hard in the gym to not get the gains we deserve.

==> Fight off the muscle sucking toxins

Talk Soon,


Ryan Magin

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