Fat Loss Week From Hell

turkeyfrangoWhat’s up,

this week is definitely a dieters worst nightmare.

With the fact that Thanksgiving is Thursday…

Lots of parties and drinking will be going down Wednesday – Saturday.

It is safe to say not a whole lot of weightloss will be  happening this week.

Hey I am just being real.

You shouldn’t be trying to lose weight this week.

Instead just focus on not gaining any.

Pretty weird concept lol.

Truth is indulge yourself this week.

Do not have any restrictions.

Be mindful of your calories and if you go really overboard…

Imply an extra fasting day into the mix to bring the weekly calories in check.

But honestly.

ENjoy yourself this week.

Eat whatever you want the day of Thanksgiving.

Keep training this week.

If you feel guilty do some more cardio.

But just live it up for a few a days.

That’s the power of moderation.

You never actually have to stop doing things you enjoy.

Talk Soon,


P.S. I have something special for you guys coming this week. Stay tuned.

Ryan Magin

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