Epic Diet Freakout

fatkid901ca7bb0ea2575858dc83e1bbee6998ca376288a52598f6b72f3c5d47d03140What’s up,

I wanted to share with ya a little story in hopes you can laugh at my expense and learn from it…

As you know I have been dieting.

And last night I would say I had a epic diet freak out of epic proportions.

I am currently eating around 1900 calories a day and have been for the last 6 weeks or so…

I recently switched this up and have been only drinking protein shakes during the day.

Yesterday mark day 3 of this style of eating.

I also included a 24 hour fast in there as well.

So last night I went out and met some friends at a local hangout.

After a few too many Vodka waters I walked to the drunk food place and ordered myself an gyro sandwich.

This is my guess around 700-900 calories.

That started a chain reaction.

I then left and hit up the local Mcdonalds and ate 3 double cheeseburgers and a large french fry.

End epic diet meltdown.

Now Today I woke up extremely pissed off at myself and weighed in albs heavier then usual.

So what am I doing now to recover from this?

I am Fasting until dinner tonight.

I am also going to be hitting my slow cardio today after my workout.

(This is a the cardio Rusty Moore recommends in Visual Impact Muscle)

Then for the next few days I am just gonna be extra mindful of my calories.

And that’s that.

I am really not gonna let this derail me…

That,s the key.

It happened now I am moving forward.

So if you have done this before hit reply…

I would love to hear stories of epic diet freakouts.

If you have never experienced this before…

When you diet for extended periods of time I guarantee you it will happen.

Just keep moving forward when it does :)

Talk Soon,


Ryan Magin

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