Enjoy The Food…

So this week you may find yourself in a surplus of bad calories.

I mean it is Christmas week here in the states and I myself indulged in what some would call a plate of awesomeness last night.

I ate my weight in a smores brownie.

Yes I enjoyed every second of the chocolate, marshmallow and graham cracker goodness but today I feel nice and puffy.


So what is my plan today?..

Like always whenever I over indulge the following day I just fast until dinner time.

And if I really over do it.

I eat a low carb meal at dinner.

Usually with 24-36 hours I am back at the weight I feel best at.

This is my go to strategy.

It has never failed me.

So if this week you are planning on devouring some unhealthy food.

Fast until dinner.

Keep the carbs lower then usual.

And maybe throw in a little extra cardio.

If you follow my GQ Body program the cardio should already be in place and its just a matter of manipulating your meal timing.

So don’t stress the holidays.

Enjoy the food.

Talk Soon,


Ryan Magin

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