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I sent you guys an email last week that got quite a good reaction…

You can read last weeks email at the link below.

==> Just Do It Everyday

In the email I talked about the power of doing a task daily.

This has been especially helpful in a lot of different areas of my life.

I received quite a few questions not the aspect of training a bodypart daily.

I currently train 2 bodyparts everyday no matter what.

They are my rear delts.

And Triceps.

I do 100 band pull aparts in my warmup and I do 100 tricep pressdowns at the end of my workout.

Some of you guys were wondering about the rep ranges I use.

Truthfully it really doesn’t matter.

Like I talk about in my book The GQ Body.

The act of repetition is what makes the difference.

Some days I do 2 sets of 50.

Others I do 10 sets of 10.

Point is I just get the reps done.

That is the secret.

the power is in the repetition.

So if you are getting hung up on things like rep ranges. just show up and do the work.

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