Do YOU see yourself as the f____ing man?

Push beyond your limits – Self-Belief
That is a line from the book The 50th Law by authors 50 cent and Robert Greene.

It’s by far one of my favorite books.

One of the lessons 50 cent talks about is the absolute power of your self belief.

I feel in today’s society too many men have severely limited self-beliefs.

This is mainly due to the fact that being a man is frowned upon.

Society doesn’t want you to act like a man.

I mean just look at what the mainstream media has done to the simple act of working out.

When was the last time you actually saw a barbell on the news?

I am guessing probably never…

Because the act of lifting a barbell makes you uncomfortable, and society has deemed this dangerous.

So I wanna ask you a serious question…

“Are you limiting your own self-beliefs?”

Do you see yourself as the F@*king man when you look in the mirror?

Do you stand with chest up like your worth a million bux?

Do you make eye contact with women?

If you don’t do anything i listed above we have a serious problem.

I am gonna dig the knife a little deeper and assume…

The thought of talking to women scares the shit out of you.

I mean the simple act of approaching an attractive female and
striking up a convo ranks up there on the scale of public speaking.

Side note: more people fear public speaking, then death, that just
baffles my mind….

Back on track…

Everything I talked about above all boils down to your confidence.

==> I talk about the importance of self confidence more in this article

but until then…

I want you to watch this video at the link below.

It’s time you got yourself in check.

==> Men – Click here to be enlightened <==

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