Do This And Become Awesome

when-Im-sad-I-stop-being-sad-and-be-awesome-instead-700x393What’s up,

As you know I am all about building up self confidence.

To me the importance of Self Confidence ranks up there with brushing my teeth in the morning.

You must have it.

You must always be working on keeping it.

You must always work on improving it.

Think about it?

What is responsible for helping you set a new PR in the gym?

Self confidence.

What gives you the courage to ask your current boss for a raise?

Self Confidence.

What gives you the balls to start that new business?

Self confidence.

Starting to see a pattern?


So how do you build self confidence?

I thought you would never ask you….

The best way I have found to just always be working on yourself.

Keep yourself in shape.

Dress well.

Learn how to attract women.

Read books.

Take pride in your work.


All these things things will build up your self worth.

So in essence…

Do the stuff I listed above = YOU BECOMING AWESOME

Have a kick ass day,


Ryan Magin

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