Diet Myths Explained

What’s up…

I got a ton of replys from you guys the other day asking
for more info about how to track and count your macros…

So I am gonna give you a crash course today…

But first…

You have to throw a few old myths out the window and
just get over them.

1) Meal timing does not matter.

When your body is used to eating the same # of macros
every day it becomes a well oiled machine.

I doesn’t care if you eat 5 meals, or just 1 huge one.

This was hard for me to get over.

2) Carbs are not the enemy.

After the first few days you will start to notice crazy
amounts of energy. Then the weight will start to drop.

It was weird to me at first.

3) Calories don’t matter as much as your #’s

This was weird too…

But when I just worried about my #’s the calories fell into place.

obviously you can tog over board here.

But when your #’s are in line everything else just works.

4) Fiber Is very important.

You don’t here to many people talk about fiber but it is
a really potent thermogenic.

I try to eat around 50 grams a day.

Those things above are just some of the things I had to retrain
my brain to do and believe when I started.

As far as your macros are concerned.

You need to get really good at reading the labels of all your food.

Apps like My Fitness pal make it easy to track things.

I would also recommend investing in a food scale…

The one I have was like 20 bux.

Now for the hard part…

Figuring out what you should eat everyday.

As a rule of thumb…

and you weigh less then 200lbs I would start with…

60 fats
250 carbs
200 protein

If you are over 200lbs I would start with…

60 fats
300 carbs
250 protein

Now there are a few things to consider…

1) How active you are
2) what type of training you do

I have no way of knowing these things without talking to
you in person.

And they do play a large part of how successful your dieting
will be.

Without knowing these things you will just have to try
those #s out for a few ekes and see how your body reacts.

Which leads me to this…

I would be keen to talking to just a few of you to help you
really get your macros and diet down…

Obviosly this would require some 1 on 1 time talking VIA
Skype or phone.

So I can only take a few of you to do this.

I am just gonna test the waters here…

if you would like to do a 30 minute Skype call so I can
help you reach your goals…

You can sign up at the link below…

==> Click here to a consult <==

If not no worries…

just take the info above and try it out.

Let me know how it works for you.

Talk Soon,


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