Deloading Is For…

What’s up,

One area that I always struggle with when it comes to my training
is the Deload weeks.

You see I tend to have the attitude that deloading is for pussies when
in reality it is a much needed break and will always benefit you in
the long term.

So I am always faced with how much work should be done while

Yesterday I did a really good upper body deload workout which
consited of nothing but Bodyweight exercises.

I did…

1a) Handstand holds 30 sec
1b) 10 pullups
1c) 20 pushups
1d) 20 bodyweight rows

i did 3 sets of the circuit above.

Followed by 30 minutes of light sled pushing.

This workout was refreshing and left me feeling good.

But while looking back at it I still think It may be a little bit
too much for a deload.

Who knows though.

I guess it is all about listening to your body.

But if you are accustomed to lifting heavy weights all the time my
guess is you would benefit with a little bodyweight only weeks to
let the joints heal up.

==> Click here if you need a little break from the weights

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