Cool Trick To Add A Little More Muscle

What’s up,

I was just thinking this morning about the importance of
increasing work capacity in your training…

If you don’t know.

Here is the definition of work capacity as stated by author
Mel Siff…

“Work capacity is the general ability of the body as a machine to produce
work of different intensity and duration using the appropriate energy systems
of the body.”

If we go by this quote and simplify it….

If you do more work you will get more results.

Now it isn’t just as simple as starting tom training twice a day
7 days a week.

You have to gradually increase your total volume and let your
body adapt to the stress.

An easy way to do this is to start adding in what I call feeder
workouts/mini sets a couple times a week.

I like to add in strategic amounts of pushups and pullups.

That is actually why I created the 100 Push Up challenge I
told you guys about last week.

If you have the work capacity to do 100 consecutive push ups
then your body should be able to withstand a good deal
of volume.

And with more volume…

Comes more muscle :)…

I was originally was only gonna keep the Push Up challenge
as a bonus…

But i did something special for you guys..

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