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What’s up,

I just got home from from what I can only call a 36 hour
bender in Miami’s southbeach.


I headed out early saturday morning(6 AM) with 2 of my
buddies to go to Elliott Hulse’s Yo Elliot Live event in the
beautiful Miami Florida.

After a bout 3.5 hours in the car we arrived very early to
Miami with a few hours to kill…

We checked out a local mall and made fools of ourselves
in the dollar store :).

Then headed out to grab lunch and get to the gym to
meet up with Elliott.

The event lasted from 1-5:30 and was packed full of
information that I can only say would change lives.

After the event we cleaned up and headed to a nice

Dinner started at 8 and went to around midnight.

I myself took full advantage of the 2 for 1 Dos Equis
beers and some amazing food.

After dinner we all ventured out a local Miami style
irish pub for more drinks and fun.

I love observing people while hanging out at bars…

The way people present themselves and act can be
very amusing :).

Especially when it comes to guys talking to women.

Controversial Video <== Make That Special Someone your girlfriend ————————————————————————–

Now since you read my stuff I know you train and are working hard on getting
yourself lean as hell.

Just the fact that you work out puts you miles ahead of the average folks.

But I hate being just above average.

I want to help you succeed in all aspects of your life.

Training is just one small step to a much larger picture.

I want you to be a badass.

To do this you need to present yourself as a high value person.

When you present yourself with high value a lot of cool things happen.

Guys respect you.

Girls want to talk to you.

And you project a hell of a lot more confidence.

This type of thing can do a number of awesome things.

How bout walking into your boss’s office and proving to him that you
are the best at what you do and being rewarded handsomely with a raise.

Sound cool?

How about walking up to that attractive girl you see everyday and asking
her out on a date?

Imagine that same beautiful girl becomes your new girlfriend? Pretty cool.

Now obviously both of the situations above are hypothetical.

I mean you actually have to be good at what you do to get a big raise…

As for the getting the girlfriend part…

This controversial Video will help with that

Talk Soon,


Ryan Magin

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