Confessions From A Hollywood Stunt Double

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I was reading an interesting article the other day in an older issue of details magazine…

It was about a hollywood stunt double.

His name is Bobby Holland Hanton.

What fascinated me about his job description wasn’t all the cool stunts he got to do…

But the fact that he had to basically change his body to best mimic the actor he is portraying during his role at the time.

He talked about how he studied the physique and trained to make his body look just like them.

Pretty crazy when you think of it.

What made it even more fascinating was he often only had a short time to achieve these looks.

Here is the link to the article I read…

==> Confessions of a Hollywoods leading stunt double

It is  a good read..

It is really cool to see how he specialized certain body parts to really fit the roles.

This is similar to the Adonis Index.

You can train certain body parts to appear visually more muscular.

If this kinda thing interests you…

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