Command Respect

What’s up,

Did you take my advice yet and go and get one of your shirts

If not I will keep reminding you :).

I can’t tell you how much better a good fitting outfit will make
you look…

truth is though.

The best way to look good in your clothes is to actually be in

I know this is kinda a no brainer.

But the more you develop the v-taper look the more muscular
you will appear in your clothes.

This is whats known as the adonis index.

You see your body actually has an ideal shoulder to waist ratio
that is the most visually appealing to the eye.

This will help you command respect and appear better looking to
the opposite sex.

I personally love this type of stuff.

If you want to learn more…

==> Watch this video <==

Talk Soon,


Ryan Magin

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