51 Handsome Guy Secrets Is Here (New Video)

It’s here! ==> The Brand-New 51 Handsome Guy Secrets is HERE! (Watch now) After a few months of long days, sleepless nights, and hours of staring at the computer screen. I can finally say that Handsome Guy Secrets is not only ready… But this thing is nothing short of sheer brilliance. So go watch the […]

(Scientific Research) 4 Reasons Why Women Have Sex With Men

What’s up, Man I love the internet… I was just reading a random fascinating research study. It was performed by the University Of Texas back in 2007. Title of the study?… Why Humans Have Sex. You see during the study the researchers interviewed 203 and men and 243 women asking them 1 simple questions… Why […]

You Are Your Own Health Insurance

What’s up, You crushing this Monday and attacking this week like a boss? I hope so… I just read a terrible statistic. I was reading a news site and saw they quoted that as of right now roughly 78 million are obese. Holy shit. That’s not just s little overweight… That’s OBESE. Freaking ridiculous. Add […]

Fat Loss Hack No One Is Telling You About

What’s up, I got a question for ya… When it comes to burning fat fat how often do you hear about the importance of Fiber? My guess is not very often. Yeah you hear about the benefits of fiber for its heart health benefits. But when it comes to fat loss I swear it is […]

3 Things That Make Ryan Gosling Cooler Than You

What’s up, Hope your weekend was awesome… Yesterday I  watched one of my favorite movies. Crazy, Stupid, Love. It stars Ryan Gosling and Steve Carell. Now you may be thinking… “Ryan…Isn’t that kinda a chick flick?” Well truth is yes it is. But I feel like The character that Gosling plays is the epitome of […]