Cardio or diet? Which is better for fat loss

my-treadmill-is-brokenWhats up,

I always seem to get to resistance when it comes to the fact I like to recommend slow boring cardio to people wanting to lose fat.

truth is this…

Unless you are genetically gifted your diet will be the deciding factor when it comes to getting shredded.

Now I am a huge fan of counting my macro nutrient ratio…

This keeps my daily calorie intake the same every single day.

Now think about that…

If I am eating 2,800 calories daily…

that is…

19,600 over the course of a week.

(To lose fat you need to figure how many calories you burn

Now lets just say I overindulged one day and ate 2 big plates
of ice cream…

That total I ate was an extra 600 calories…

Now to continue to lose fat I must add in card to shave off those
extra 600 calories.

That could be 2 sessions of incline walking on a treadmill

Or 1 hardcore conditioning type workout.

Either way whatever card you do it doesn’t matter. Just get the
calories in check.

To make it easier you can also just eat in a deficit for a day or 2 to
shave off the calories as well.

For example…

If everyday you eat 60 fats, 300 carbs, 250 protein…

for 2 days you could eat 50 fats, 250, carbs, and 250 protein.

This will even out your weekly total.

You starting to see the bigger picture yet?

Either way you go will get you the same result.

If you choose the cardio route…

The reason I like the incline walking is due to the fact it will
not interfere with my strength training workouts.

that is why I am such a big fan of Incline Cardio workouts.

Talk Soon,


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