Can Dieting Give You Man Boobs

man-boobsWhat’s up,

Over the last few months I have been getting really lean.

I actually weighed 193 lbs this morning.

I am sure that had a little to do with the fact I had quite a few adult beverages last evening :).

We can call it dehydration.

But either way.

I seemed to have gotten stuck at the weight of 205 lbs a few weeks ago.

I just couldn’t get the damn scale to move.

Wanna know what I did to start dropping the fat again?

I re introduced Intermittent fasting twice a week.

Its been working like crazy.

So I got a little excited and hit up my friend Brad Pilon.

I managed to convince him to write me killer article.

He just sent it to me and I couldn’t wait to shoot it out to you…

So give it a read below…

==> [Article] Can Dieting Give You Man Boobs? 

Talk Soon,


P.S. be on the lookout next week as I will revealing a lot about my 1 year transformation from 240 lbs to 195 lbs.

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