Building Strength And Mass Hercules Style

So I got a few emails yesterday saying This…

“Ryan. Lets keep things realistic.”

I can only assume my reference to Hercules and his enormous
strength was a little too far fetched for the masses.

Hey maybe that is true…

But nobody ever achieved anything great in life by thinking small.

That is why I am pumped to tell you guys about someone you
might refer to as the Modern Day Hercules

His name is Andy Bolton and his strengths are as followed:

Squats well over 1,000 lbs…

Deadlifts over 1,200 lbs…

And benches a modest 850lbs.

It is safe to say Andy’s goals were never realistic.

That kinda strength is why I wrote up this little article for ya about
how Andy and myself can help you pack on dense awesome
looking muscle in 4 weeks or less.

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I love building strength and mass at the same time.

It’s freaking awesome.

Get Swole,


Ryan Magin

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