Bench For Reps Challenge

What’s up,

So I have to confess something…

I really am not that into watching Football.

But I am a huge fan of athletes. I would just rather
prefer to be playing the sport myself then watching it.


I love watching “Athletes Train”

I am a huge fan of High levels of Speed, Strength, and power…

I mean lets look at the NFL combine testing.

They test a variety of things but there is a heavy emphasis
on 3 things…

40 Yd dash (speed)…

Vertical jump (power)…

225 bench for reps test (strength)…

Now unless you are in high school and trying to train for college
ball the first 2 might not really matter to you.

(Although if you play any type of recreational sport I suggest you
get some leg speed and power to perform well at them.)

But I am guessing that you love getting under the bar and
pressing some weight?

I mean who doesn’t love benching?

Lets take a look at some of the impressive results from this years
NFL combine testing in the 225 bench for reps test…

In a quick scan thru NFL dot com shows this past years record
at 44 reps.

Now this was set by 346lb Defensive Tackle Dontari Poe. Not
to discredit his 44 reps but he does weigh 350lbs.

So in a little more digging…

I looked up Tight End Vernon Davis…

A couple years back he benched 225 for 33 reps at a weight of

This to me is really freaking impressive.

His strength to weight ratio is huge.

This is the kinda of stuff I love to hear about.

Strength to weight ratio is something that you just can’t fake.

The amount of strength you can achieve without upping your bodyweight
takes years of dedication and prep work in the gym.

So in spirit of the cobine I got a little challenge for ya today.

Being that it is monday…

Monday is national Bench Press Day across america…

Do a warm up…

Stack your bodyweight onto the bar…

And see how many you can press it?

That’s it.

See how your strength to weight ratio stacks up against Vernon Davis.

if you want to reply to this email with your result and weight
I would love to hear it.

I am gonna do the same today my self.

So get to work.

Talk Soon,


P.s. I will be back tomorrow with some tips on how to improve your

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