Beat Up, Run Down, Or Sore?


What’s up,

One cool thing about sticking to a short term body weight routine
is the fact that it gives your body time to recoup and get a little much
needed rest.

As you know years of heavy lifting can leave you beat up, rundown
and sore.

This is not an optimal environment to build muscle.

Situations like this is were I always like to take a few weeks and throttle
back the heavy lifting and focus solely on body weight exercise…

This is were a program like my Body Weight Aesthetics is perfect.

You can give your self a little break from the heavy weights and still
focus on building up that awesome aesthetic physique.

Best of all…

You can grab my Body Weight Aesthetics for less then 10 bux for
a couple more hours.

So if your beat up from lifting heavy, or just want a little change from
your current workouts….

==> Grab a copy of Body Weight Aesthetics

I know you will like it :).

Talk Soon,


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