Be The One That Lifts

What’s up,

So I am down here in the keys and like most vacations I can’t help but notice the fact that most people just flat out do not take care of themselves…

Goin out to tonight? Watch this video before you head out

I mean…

Without sounding mean most people are just fat.

Since you read my stuff I know you are not in this minority…

I mean I love being one of the few guys that looks like he works out when I am around groups of people.

Call it narcism but I like to look good.

I mean that’s why I train get stronger and to look better :).

So before I head out for another drink here by the pool I am gonna share another awesome tip.

If you are headin to a pool or beach party try this a out 30 min before you head out…

Do 100 push-ups.

50 mid width
25 wide
25 close

That will give you a solid pump and you will be the one guy who actually looks like he lifts at the pool.

Talk soon,


Ryan Magin

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