51 Handsome Guy Secrets Is Here (New Video)

It’s here! ==> The Brand-New 51 Handsome Guy Secrets is HERE! (Watch now) After a few months of long days, sleepless nights, and hours of staring at the computer screen. I can finally say that Handsome Guy Secrets is not only ready… But this thing is nothing short of sheer brilliance. So go watch the […]

What She Thinks About You (Before You Open Your Mouth)

What’s up, I was just finishing a video for my upcoming product… 51 handsome Guy Secrets. (I will be releasing this very soon) In the video I touched on a point that very few are aware of. The video was concerning what guys should wear on a first date with a girl… And the point […]

3 Ways To Make Cardio Less Boring

What’s up, As you know I am a huge fan of walking incline cardio… I actually made a pretty killer product about it ==> here But like you I know it is boring as hell. So I have been coming up with to make my 30-45 cardio sessions a little more enjoyable. Here is what […]

What Celebrities Know That You Don’t

What’s up, I spent most of this morning scanning articles about last nights Hollywood event The Oscar’s. I love these types of event as they make it pretty easy to pick out what is in fashion at the moment. Now even if you have no care in the world about mens fashion… You should know […]

Both Sides Of The Strength Spectrum

What’s up, Yesterday I had the chance to hang out and watch my good friend Elliott Hulse’s Strength Camp Challenge… It was an strength based athletic competition and the caliber of  athletes participating was top notch. I mean hell.. I watched George Leeman deadlift 315lbs for 39 reps… This was immediately after he lifted 495 […]