Attack Days Like This…

family-guy-puke-2941_previewWhat’s up,

Yesterday I woke up with a crazy urge to hit the gym.

I wanted to crush myself.

These type of days rarely happen.

So when they do I highly suggest you jump at the opportunity.

I thought to myself…

What type of workout do I want to do?

My answer…

One that might make me puke.

(Side note: I do not train to puke very often)

So I got excited…

My good friend and owner of the popular website Strength Villain sent me over a copy of his new book.

==> 100 Conditioning workouts for the modern day viking

So I downloaded it…

And picked out 2 workouts that looked fun.

Then I headed to the gym.

I figured I would take the day off from my usual GQ Body routine and just crush these 2 workouts.

The workouts I chose:

#1) Barbell Hang power clean & push press complex.

I used 135lbs and did 5 sets of 5.

This was really tough and had my heart rate through the roof.

The time frame of this?

Only took like 10 minutes.

I then rested a bit and tackled workout #2

#2) Bar Pushup x 5, clean and press x 2

For this one I did max sets in 5 minutes with 135lbs again on the bar.

(Bar Pushup is when you do pushups off the loaded barbell u are using for the clean and presses.

Both of these workouts were short and very effective.

I didn’t end up puking…

But i felt awesome after I was finished.

Short intense workouts like these are great for doing afer your lifting sessions.

All the workouts in 100 Conditioning workouts take less then 10 minutes to complete.

I will be implementing many of them after my gq body workout as cardio.

==> Click here to get 98 more conditioning workouts

Talk Soon,


Ryan Magin

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