Alcohol Infused Vacation

What’s up,

I am heading off to key west today for a little 4 day alcohol infused vacation :).

To prepare for it I have been doing a few things over the last week.

#1 – keeping my calories lower then normal.

By doing this I started my week off in a deficit so even if I go a little over board and eat a ton of food…

I am still in my calorie range for the week.

#2 – overtrained the last 3 days

My workouts for the last 3 days have all ended with a max effort lift.

I did this so I could do nothing but relax And let my body recover for the duration of my trip.

I hate being the guy who has to hit the gym while on vacation.

#3 – my workout yesterday I did a lot of aesthetic work

Since my wardrobe for the keys consists of all tank tops I did a little extra arm and shoulder work yesterday to ensure I got a solid pump going into the trip.

If you have a vacation planned and you want to look your best give some of those tips a try ..

If you need a good workout to look vacation/beach ready ==> click here

Talk soon,


Ryan Magin

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