How To Drink Alcohol, Get Frat Boy Wasted, And Keep Getting Shredded

vodkaimagesWhat’s up,

I know todays email may be a little controversial but hell…

I am a controversial type of person so here we go.

Can you drink alcohol and still get shredded?


And I am not talking just 1 or 2 beers a night either.

You can go out and get absolutely blasted and still keep losing fat.

I did it for the last year and still have maintained consistent fatloss.

There are a few stipulations…

You can only drink certain things.

Now I am speaking from experience on this one…

I like to go out and drink.

I am not one to have 1 beer and be fine.

If you are more power to you.

When I go out I am normally shotgunning sugar free redbulls (yes I do shotgun Sugar Free Redbulls) and consuming alcohol at the rate of a professional alcoholic.

Don’t judge me :). I like to go out and party.

So what do I drink?

1 of 3 things…

Vodka and sugar free Redbull.

Michelobe Ultra.

Or Vodka Water.

All of those are less then 100 calories.

And contain no sugar.

(Side Note: Yes I am aware of the long term effects of heavy alcohol consumption.)

If you drink any of those things when you go out and avoid eating late night junk food You will be fine.

As a matter of fact you will actually look better in the mirror when you wake up due to dehydration.

The key is to avoid eating shitty food when you are drunk.

If I can do it.

You can too.

I also like to fast for atleast 12 hours after a night of heavy binge drinking.

So drink your face off over the holidays.

I most likely will be.

Want to know more about how to drink and still get as lean as you want?

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Talk Soon,


Ryan Magin

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