A Screen Shot From My Training Log

What’s up,

I wanted to show you a quick screenshot of my over
head press workout from yesterday…


As you can see I hit all my numbers, although I did
struggle a bit cranking out reps 4 and 5 on the last set
they all got done.

So I ask you this?

Are you tracking your workouts this intently?

I didn’t up until a few months ago…

But since starting to log everything I can say my gains
have been substantial.

I no linger think about what I am gonna do when I walk
into the gym.

I simply open my Google doc app on my phone and just

Makes it super easy.

Give it try with your own stuff.

Let me know how it works out for you.

Talk Soon,


p.s. Do you have your meals and eating in check? If
not check out my email tomorrow :)

Ryan Magin

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