What It’s Like To watch A 900lb Deadlift

deadliftgirlimagesWhat’s up,

Yesterday at the gym was one that I will never forget.

You see I got to the gym at around 3 and my boy Elliott Hulse informed me that we have a guy coming to the gym who plans on hitting a deadlift PR of 905lbs.

Now that is some shit you don’t hear let alone see everyday.

So a few minutes later in walks what I can only describe as Shrek in person.

He was massive.

He even brought his own deadlft bar to the gym.

(Side note: Never mess with a guy who brings his own bar)

After completing my workout for the day which consisted of Military press with barbell and dumbbells…

Followed up by upper back and abs.

I stayed in the heavy weights 2-3 reps ( read why I lift like that here)

After I just hung out and watch what was about to happen.

George was warming up and was already in the 600lb range when I finished up
my workout…

And shortly after he was going for 875…

Which I believe was a PR for him as well.

The intensity at this time was something you would have to see to believe…

He put his Epic battle music over the sound system…

Let out a few extremely loud yells.

And smashed 875lbs like it was nothing.

Shit was insane.

After George sat around and talked With Elliott, Chris and myself about what lifting means to him…

And why he strives to lift so much weight.

I got to say…

If you have been reading my stuff for any amount of time…

You know that lifting weights goes way beyond just looking good and getting stronger.

Hearing stories about how the barbell helps and changes lifes of people is something I get a huge satisfaction in listening to.

So whatever reason you lift weights…

I would love to hear your stories.

Just hit reply if you feel inclined.

That shit motivates the hell outta me.

If not…

Keep lifting heavy.

Talk Soon,


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