7 Ways To Channel Your Inner Badass

chimpandeagleWhat’s up,

So I was reading an article this morning and it inspired me to interrupt your regularly scheduled day with this little shot of awesomeness.

The article talked about how to build mental toughness.

At first I was like…

People need to stop being pansies and man up.

Then I came around and realized not everyone is blessed with the
Go Big Or Go Home Mindset.

Now I say that loosely…

Cuz I honestly think that everyone has a little inner badass
deep inside them.

Sometimes it just takes a little coaxing to get it out.

So I wanted to share a few ways I coax out my inner badass and
maybe it will help you develop a little more mental toughness.

1) Lift some heavy ass weight.

There is nothing more badass then pulling 500lbs off the floor.

I feel most alive when I am deadlifting, the nervousness I feel
as I chalk up my hands, the anticipation of setting a new pr…

Damn it feels awesome.

2) Accomplishing a new goal.

The second I complete a task or specific thing I have been
working makes me feel invincible.

I mean It felt awesome the day sent you guys the first email
about my 101 Ways To Naturally Increase Your Testosterone.

I worked on that book for almost 3 months.

3) Being comfortable in social settings

This comes from years of learning and bettering myself.

When you are comfortable talking and entertaining people
you have just met it is an amazing feeling.

I thrive off having a large network of people who I can call

This skill is developed by working on your inner game. I say “game”
loosely as it refers to picking up women…

But when you can intelligently have conversations and build
attraction with women all areas of your life will improve.

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4) Wearing clothes that fit.

I just recently got into getting my shirts and pants tailored
and I can’t say enough about what it does for your image
and confidence.

5) Focusing time on developing A V-Taper

This ties in with everything listed above.

Nothing makes your physique stand out then appearing
to have a big “V”…

You can develop this by hitting your shoulders, upper chest,
and arms with high volume.

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6) Completing crazy ass workouts

I feel gust busting, vomit inducing workouts have there place…

But these need to be few and far between.

I like to add these in from time to time to test myself. It
is always good to know you have this type of thing in the
tank when you need it.

7) Compete in competitions

Nothing makes me feel more like a badass then the few seconds
before the start of one of my cycling events.

I urge you to compete regularly.

This is actually one of my 101 ways to increase your testosterone.

Studies have found that by engaging in competitions will raise
your test.

Obviously this makes you more of a badass :).

I hope you can use these things to help develop your mental
toughness and ultimately channel that inner badass.

Good luck,


Ryan Magin

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