5 Tips To Increase Your Deadlift

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Since I am pumped up this week about telling you guys
how awesome the Deadlift is…

Here are a few tips to help you get to a double body weight

1) Train without straps – Grip plays a huge role in upping your
max, by squeezing the bar tighter you are recruiting a lot more
muscle throughout your body.

(It is OK to use straps when doing higher reps.)

2) Go Heavy on accessory lifts – Most people neglect the heavy
stuff for their accessory lifts and go straight to high reps.

Big mistake.

Treat these lifts with the same intensity as your Deads
and you will be rewarded with more muscle and strength.

3) Go Heavy and Use High Reps – These types of sets are brutal.
you basically just go balls to the wall and lift a submit weight for
a ridiculous amount of reps.

Do these sparingly as the soreness is brutal but the reward is

4) Drive thru your heels – Before you begin your lift focus on pushing
your feet thru the floor.

5) Lots of shrugs – I am a fan of high rep shrugs to help build the
strength of your upper back.

If you are looking to really step up your game and take your strength
levels to the max…

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