5 Reasons You Should Be Having More Sex

18-why_would_you_ever_get_out_of_bedWhat’s up,

So I stumbled across an article last night from Mens Fitness…

It somehow came across my Facebook news feed.

The topic of the article?…


Yup I said…

The benefits of having regular sex.

Personally I love Sex.

My thoughts are that you do to ;).

But truth be told engaging in regular intercourse has a ton of benefits to your health.

Sound cool?

Wanna know what they are?

I thought you did.

Studies showed that actions behind closed doors (Or open) depending on what your into…

Have shown to:

— Reduce stress

— Enhance quality of sleep

— Protect against prostate cancer

— Improve cardiovascular health

— Boost immunity


with all those benefits one would assume that having regular sex is like the modern day fountain of youth.


What if you are currently not having regular sex?

Well my friend I got you.

It’s time you learned a little skill that is easily taught.

Wanna know what it is?

Wait for it…




How to build female attraction.

You see once you learn how to build attraction with the opposite sex you can easily start having regular sex.

It all starts with studying a course like this..

==> How to Sleep with any Women you want

With all the health benefits I listed above I highly suggest you get to studying.

Go get Laid,



Ryan Magin

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