30 Epic Things I Learned By The Age Of 30

odd-girls-5What’s up,

So todays email is kinda a reflection of things that I have
seen and learned…

Today I turn 30 and man I cant believe I am this old :).

But nevertheless…

I have tried and tested many things that have gotten me to
this point.

Here are 30 things I have learned in building muscle, bizness,
and life.

these are in no particular order…

1) Counting your macros is by far the easiest and most
maintainable way to diet and strip away fat.

2) Weekly small strength increases will add overall more
muscle mass than the latest bodybuilding blitz program.

3) Deadlifts are by far the best exercise for building size,
strength, correcting posture, and increasing confidence.

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4) If you want to instantly look better, get your clothes tailored.

5) Life will punch you in face really hard, but like a missed
lift, you just try it again another day.

6) Technology is changing the way everything is done.
I seriously have no clue what I would without my iphone.

7) Investing in coaches and mentors will make you far
more successful.

8) Most people grossly underestimate what their actual
body fat percentage is.

9) As a whole America is Fat As F@ck

10) Tracking everything will help you blow past sticking
points and continue to add strength and size.

11) My Fitness Pal will open your eyes to how you actually

12) Youtube is better then college. You can watch anything
from people popping zits, to harvard lectures.

13) When you actually give your body the amount of food
it needs you will feel better, look better, and your hormones
will improve.

14) Testosterone is highly lacking in the modern male

15) Most men lack social skills and would benefit by just
learning how to actually build attraction in females.

16) If you make a cool product that actually helps people
you will be rewarded :)

17) Crash diets don’t work and will only turn your metabolism
into a turtle.


19) Read books and study interesting stuff, it will make you smarter
and will add value to your life and others.

20) Most supplements are crap and are just a bandaid to what
you really need to get inline.

21) You probably are not eating enough.

22) You need to reinvent yourself every so often to keep
progressing and evolving as a person.

23) Warehouse gyms are still the best place to get jacked.

24) Not everything you see on the internet is true. Take sometime
and do a little research.

25) As you get older you will lose friends.

26) Most people will be doing the exact same thing year after
year. So do something fuckin epic and stand out from the crowd.

27) Nothing will ever go as planned, but the journey is what makes
it worth it.

28) You are probably overtrained and would benefit more from
just relaxing a little bit and dial back the intensity of your workouts.

29) you can shine your shoes and polish silverware with a banana.

30) If you haven’t yet…BUY MY TESTOSTERONE PRODUCT. It
is only 10 bux and could save life.

I hope you enjoyed the list…

Now go be awesome.

Talk Soon,


Ryan Magin

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