3 Things That Make Ryan Gosling Cooler Than You

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Hope your weekend was awesome…

Yesterday I  watched one of my favorite movies.

Crazy, Stupid, Love.

It stars Ryan Gosling and Steve Carell.

Now you may be thinking…

“Ryan…Isn’t that kinda a chick flick?”

Well truth is yes it is.

But I feel like The character that Gosling plays is the epitome of badass.


There are tons of lessons you can learn by watching him throughout the movie.

For starters…

He dresses extremely well.

I mean in every scene he looks like he walked right off the pages of GQ Magazine.

The type of swagger and style he has in this movie is what I believe all guys should strive to emulate.

goslingsuit Sarah_McGiven_fashion_blog_Albert_hammond_junior_designs_suits_ryan_gosling_crazy_stupid_love

(Seriously…Your suits should fit like this)


ryan-gosling-in-crazy-stupid-loveHe is around 10-12% body fat.

Now like I have been saying for awhile the more in shape you get the better your clothes will fit.

When you solely focus on certain key areas of your physique you start to look really good in everyday outfits as well as when you take your shirt off :).


He portrays extreme levels of High Status.

This is huge.

My good friend Jason Capital talks about this quite a bit.

What is the High Status?

This is a combination of You having your shit together :).

Now when I say that I mean this.

You are kicking ass in the gym and got your workouts on point.

You are always investing in yourself and your education.

You have a badass social circle of other high status individuals.


You are the guy everyone likes and wants to be around.

You are also standing tall and oozing with self confidence.

This also has a side benefit of making women radically attracted to you.

So to recap…

High Status = High Confidence.

(Take 4 minutes and watch the video above: Study How Gosling Portrays Himself, Take note of how confidently he talks to women, and damn his outfits are on point.)
I want you to have all these things.

You are a badass…

Literally yell yourself that again.


Feels pretty good doesn’t it?

Here is what I think you should do…

Go watch the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love. <== Seriously watch it

Start developing your own personal style and swagger.

I have something in the works to help You do this…

Until that is ready though.

Study some celebrities you like.

See how they dress.

Model their style into your day to day wardrobe.

(Side note: Celebs have high paid stylist pick out every outfit they wear, these people know whats up.)

Keep kicking ass in the gym and get to that low level of body fat.

Next up…

Always invest in yourself.

Read books.

Watch documentaries…

Just make yourself more interesting to talk 2.

Always remember being boring is like a magnet for low self esteem.

Make yourself more interesting.

Pull all this together and you my friend = TOTAL BADASS.

That’s what I want for you.

You deserve it.

Talk Soon,


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