3 No BS Facts About How To Lose Fat

fat kid34542004What’s up,

So I got an email question the other day…

It was very general.

The question was…

“Ryan, can you tell me how to lose fat round my midsection? I feel like a lot of others on your list want to know as well.”


I hate general questions like this.

But for the sake of this email I am gonna tell you.

Losing fat is not hard.

Were most people mess up is they think that you can really lose it it fast.

I am guilty of this myself.

So lesson #1 on losing fat…

Know that it will take awhile.

You must stay consistent.

It took me a year to lose 45lbs.

I talk about that here ==> See how I lost 45lbs and got un fat

Lesson #2 on losing fat….

You must follow a program to the point were you get really bored with that program.

Then you keep following that said program.

You like lesson #1 that is even more consistency.

Trust me when I tell you consistency works.

I just so happen to have an awesome new program you pick up for really cheap that will help anyone reach their goal of losing fat and looking awesome.

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Todays final lesson in losing fat…

You must do cardio.


I said it.

You need to do card after every single lifting session.

Does this suck?


Does this work like a miracle?


Does this take commitment?


So if you have fat to lose…

it is time to man up.

get real with yourself and set out to make this next year your best ever.

Yes that means starting today.

Don’t be that guy that waits till after new years to get started.


Grab a copy of the GQ Body and head to the gym.

Don’t change anything until 6 months go by.

Then re evaluate your physique and keep going.

Thats how you lose fat.

Good luck on your journey.

You can see mine here <==

Talk soon,


p.s. I got another awesome interview for you tomorrow.

Keep an eye out.

Ryan Magin

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