51 Handsome Guy Secrets Is Here (New Video)

It’s here!

==> The Brand-New 51 Handsome Guy Secrets is HERE! (Watch now)

After a few months of long days, sleepless nights, and hours of staring at the computer screen.

I can finally say that Handsome Guy Secrets is not only ready…

But this thing is nothing short of sheer brilliance.

So go watch the new Handsome Guy Secrets video today and join your fellow handsome guy badass in the members area.

==> The Brand New 51 Handsome Guy Secrets is HERE! (watch now)

I want to thank the hundreds of you who have emailed me
over the last few weeks, asking when this would FINALLY
be ready..

I read and replied to every single one because unlike most
online experts out there, I actually give a damn :-)

Your patience is much appreciated, and now as your reward,
It’s time for the world to know just how handsome you really
were meant to be..

==> The Brand New 51 Handsome Guy Secrets is HERE! (watch now)

As you watch the video just imagine how much easier your life is gonna be once you implement the closely guarded secrets that were previously only told to A-list celebrities and my high paying clients.

Just think how much easier it is going to be for you to go out and attract the hottest women without even opening up your mouth.

Picture how your bank account is gonna look after you finally get that raise you deserve (without even asking for it I might add)…

But most of all…

Let it sink in how unstoppable you are gonna be when you just ooze self confidence.

This is the type of stuff that is waiting for you inside the Handsome Guy Secrets Members Area.

So go now and watch…

==> The Brand New 51 Handsome Guy Secrets is HERE! (watch now)

Lets talk truth for a little bit.

Are you really living life to the fullest?

Does your current style represent the most attractive version of yourself?

Does is really show the world how awesome you are?

If you have even the slightest doubt that it doesn’t…

Then today is your lucky day.

I created the Handsome Guy Secrets program to help simplify the process of knowing how to dress.

This knowledge is gold…

And Hollywood types have kept it to themselves for too long..

Today? It’s yours..

==> The Brand New  51 Handsome Guy Secrets is HERE! (watch now)

I’ll see you there.


What She Thinks About You (Before You Open Your Mouth)

What’s up,

I was just finishing a video for my upcoming product…

51 handsome Guy Secrets. (I will be releasing this very soon)

In the video I touched on a point that very few are aware of.

The video was concerning what guys should wear on a first date with a girl…

And the point i wanted to make was no matter what you do on that date girls are sizing you up.

They have tons of thoughts run in. Through their heads…

  • Is he a good provider
  • Can I see myself marrying him
  • What does he look like naked
  • Can I introduce him to my parents
  • Will my friends like him

Plus I am sure there are hundreds more judgmental thoughts going on.

Either way…

As a man we can control a lot of those thoughts…

you can portray how she sees you.

For example:

Are you dressed sharp?

T his portrays that you care about your appearance, and take pride In yourself.

Are you well muscled up?

You obviously are into keeping your body healthy and fit. This means you plan to live awhile.

Is your hair and face groomed well?

You like to be neat and clean, and don’t want to appear lazy.

I could keep going but I think you get the point.

Being in shape and dressed really well speaks volumes without you even opening up your mouth.

(Check this out so when your mouth opens it actually knows what to say)

Naturally women will find this more and more attractive.

So of you haven’t already…

Start educating yourself on men’s style and fashion. (Or just grab my product 51 Handsome guy secrets when I release it.)

The results of this knowledge are ten fold…

You will skyrocket your confidence.

You will date hotter women.

People will treat you with respect.

And you may even get a job promotion.

Remember being handsome is a choice.

It’s up to you to make it.

Talk soon,


3 Ways To Make Cardio Less Boring

What’s up,

As you know I am a huge fan of walking incline cardio…

I actually made a pretty killer product about it ==> here

But like you I know it is boring as hell.

So I have been coming up with to make my 30-45 cardio sessions
a little more enjoyable.

Here is what I have been doing as of late.

1) watching Youtube videos – I like to catch up on all my favorite channels
while walking… and for the most part this makes time go by much faster

2) Audio Books – This like watching movies is a good way to expand your mind while burning off excess fat.

and last but not least…

My new favorite way to break up the boredom of Incline walking is…

What I have decided to call…

Cardio mini sets.

You see here is a fun way to set up your incline walking sessions.

start off and walk for 15 minutes…

then hit the pause button.

And do 5 weighted dips and then 5 weighted pullups for a total of 3 rounds.

Then walk for another 10 minutes….

Hit pause again.

Do 10 hanging leg raises and 10 dip bar leg raises for a total of 3 sets.

Then finish up with Walking for another 10 minutes.

Seriously give this a try next time you do your Walk Your Way Ripped Cardio Session.

it really makes the time fly by.

Talk Soon,


What Celebrities Know That You Don’t

What’s up,

I spent most of this morning scanning articles about last nights Hollywood event The Oscar’s.

I love these types of event as they make it pretty easy to pick out what is in fashion at the moment.

Now even if you have no care in the world about mens fashion…

You should know that celebrities pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars to have a stylist dress them for these types of occasions.

Hell i would guess that most don’t even pick out there own t-shirts.

Either way…

Like I always say…

The simple act of understanding mens fashion will put you light years ahead of the normal population of people who just don’t even try to care how they look.

my thoughts..


I put the line above in caps for a reason.

why do you think celebrities pay so much to look good for these red carpet types of event?

Think about…

If they always appear to be well dressed then they stand the chance of landing more and more movie roles.

This makes there value as an actor skyrocket.

Now I understand that most do not have the resources to hire stylists and always be buying the newest clothes…

But I wanna let you in on a secret.

You don’t need a ton of clothes to always appear like your the best dressed guy in the room.

At most you could probably rebuild your entire wardrobe for around 500 bux.

Either way you need to give a shit how you look.

Like a celebrity…

You would never show up at job interview looking like shit?

If you have in the past I can pretty much guarantee you didn’t get that job.

So treat your wardrobe the same way you do your body in the gym.

Set measurable goals and attain them.

For example…

Goal #1 – Get a nice tailored well fitted suit.

Then when you hit that goal…

Goal #2 – buy a nice pair of dressier boots.


Over time…

Like your workouts your results will start to add up.

And before you know it you have transformed again.

Now you are always the best dressed guy in the room.

So take a lesson from the celebrities…

Always look good.

Talk Soon,


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It’s only on sale for another day or so…

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(be warned – don’t get too carried away with his methods. They add mass quickly and will crush your hopes of the GQ Look. I suggest you use his methods to bring up any lagging body parts)

Both Sides Of The Strength Spectrum

What’s up,

Yesterday I had the chance to hang out and watch my good friend Elliott Hulse’s Strength Camp Challenge…

It was an strength based athletic competition and the caliber of  athletes participating was top notch.

I mean hell..

I watched George Leeman deadlift 315lbs for 39 reps…

This was immediately after he lifted 495 for 3 and 405 for 3…


On the opposite side of the spectrum the Barstarz were there and did work on the pullup bar station showing everyone in attendance the true meaning of relative strength.

I Love checking out and watching stuff like this…

It gets me so fired up to keep training and achieving my goals.

What about you?

How are your goals coming along?

Since your reading this email I know you take your appearance seriously.

That a boy…

I love helping you become the badass I know you are.

So I got soothing awesome for ya today…

One of my go to resources for packing on mass quickly just went on sale for Half Price.

You see while I was watching strength athletes compete on Saturday Across the country Ben Pakulski was stepping on stage at the Arnold Classic…

Ben is massive…

He is also one of the coolest and humblest guys I have ever met.

When it comes to packing on Size his Mass Intentions program is on point.

it also happens to be on sale to celebrate Bens showing at the Arnold.

So if you need mass…

==> Click here and check it out

(Disclaimer: I only suggest you use this type of training for a few weeks at a time. It is very effective and you will add size quickly.

If you are going for the GQ look then keep these methods for when you want to bring up lagging body parts :)

Talk Soon,